Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland-Part 24: Spaghetti Anywhere; Shambles Miller; Letters

Spaghetti Anywhere edges into qualification for our New Sounds of Scotland series by reason of the origins of one of its members, and it lists London, Glasgow and Rome as its home. The band's sound is a wistful brand of twee indie pop most similar to Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura. The members are Francis, Valerio, Nathan and Dave.

I've included their new EP, Doolally, below. I think the whole thing is very nice, but if you only have time to give Spaghetti Anywhere a one song trial, check out "Super Special", a tragi-comedy about an alcoholic. Oh, hell, listen to "Hulk" as well. It will remind you of those times you have a bit much to drink and feel more powerful and bullet-proof than you have any right to feel. That only leaves out the song "Drugs", about a guy who likes to drop acid and walk around naked, and it is between the other tracks, so you might as well listen to that as well. That's that, then. Can't be helped. By the way, the three track EP is free at the Bandcamp link.


Shambles Miller is a folk punk artist from Glasgow. While I'm not active in seeking out folk artists, there is a good dose of the punk here, and Shambles has a way with words that captures my imagination.

The delightful "Things that Make Me Angry"

Here is his description of the song "Rapture":
Y'know how when it's the end of the world, so you use it as an excuse to tell a girl you like how you feel? Then you write a song about it? Well, thats what this is

Rapture by ShamblesMiller

Strike! by ShamblesMiller


Letters are an Edinburgh band consisting of Kerr Donaldson (drums), Dougie Fuller (bass), Georgie Williamson (cello/vocals), Ed Ellis (guitar/vocals) and Mikey Ferguson (guitar/vocals). The band's own description is that they are "5 piece Dark Cello pop noiseniks". Letters released a double A-side in February consisting of the following two tracks.

"Pipe Dreams"
LETTERS- PIPE DREAMS by Soundandvisionpr

"The Grand National"
LETTERS- GRAND NATIONAL by Soundandvisionpr

New single "Flash! Lights!
LETTERS - Flash! Lights by Soundandvisionpr

The above tracks all are available for free download on the Music page of their website.


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