Saturday, August 27, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-29: The Weeknd; Lenticular Clouds; Octanone

This weekend's ramble takes us from Toronto to Barcelona to Switzerland.

Fewer than six months after the release of the deservedly well-received House of Balloons (which we covered here), The Weeknd has issued Thursday. The sound continues to be a hazy, sleazy late night version of slow contemporary R&B, but on this version their is a bit more in terms of guitar riffs and industrial sounds, and a generally more claustrophobic feel. However, while it doesn't have the same feel as House of Balloons, it doesn't feel completely different. Perhaps it is best described as another chapter in the same story.

"Life of the Party", in which the protagonist persuades a female to participate in group sex.

Details regarding the Toronto project are still sparse, and I imagine that the lack of information is deliberate. The vocalist is Abel Tesfaye, and the producers responsible for the tracks are Doc McKinney and Illangelo. The rapper Drake is involved to some extent, and is featured on one of the tracks. I understand that The Weeknd project anticipates creating a trilogy, and we should expect the third installment this fall. Thursday is available for a free download at the website linked below.


"Rolling Stone"


Lenticular Clouds is a Spanish electronic chillwave/dreampop group that produces some very engaging and interesting music. The album Ciencia​/​Conciencia was released in July, and you can stream it below. It also can be purchase for one Euro. I'm not familiar with the exchange rate, but you may be able to purchase one of our fifty states for a Euro right now, so it seems like a good deal.


The members are Albert Zaragoza Gas and Guillem Ber tar, and they are based in Barcelona. Their music is released on LEDlight and Neonized Rec.


Octanone is Swiss Lucien Montandon, formerly drummer for the group Alt F4 and known for his mastery of drums and all sorts of beat making implements. He is beginning to create an artistic persona as Octanone. in the video below for the song "None" he plays with a drum pad, Loop Station and Kaoss effects. His debut EP is expected in September.

octanone live at spalenring from octanone on Vimeo.


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