Saturday, August 20, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-28: Active Child; The Baggios; Jamaican Singles

This weekend's edition brings wide-scope indie/electronica from L.A., rock and roll from Brazil, and dancehall from Jamaica. Please enjoy!

Active Child is Los Angeles-based Patrick James Grossi. The simple description of his music is electronic indie pop, although his artistic range and interests are broad enough to stretch that description in interesting ways. His debut album, You Are All I See, is released on August 23 on Vagrant Records.

"Playing House (featuring How to Dress Well)"

Active Child - Playing House Ft. How To Dress Well [Audio Stream] from Active Child on Vimeo.

Trailer for the new album:

You Are All I See - Album Trailer from Active Child on Vimeo.

"I'm In Your Church At Night" from the Curtis Lane EP

Active Child - I'm In Your Church At Night from Active Child on Vimeo.


The Baggios are a promising Brazilian rock duo. JĂșlio Andrade plays guitar and sings; Gabriel Carvalho plays the drums. The band was formed in 2004. And they are giving their album away free on their website, which is linked below. If you prefer, lots of good stuff is available at the Soundcloud link as well. Wait, rock and roll from Brazil, you ask? Yes--listen to "Can't Find My Mind":



And now, for some tunes high up in the charts in Jamaica.

Naptali, "Deceitful"

"Delilah" by Movado

"Keep Me Original" by Shabu and Rebellion

Toya feat. Beenie Man with "One Man Woman"

Shabba Ranks -- "None A Dem"

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