Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Midweek Roundup: Pictures of Then, Heidi Klum's Bangs, Breton

We get these things, we find these things, we thought we'd share them with you...

Pictures of Then is a Minneapolis rock band with a nice guitar/piano sound. You can download two tracks from ...And the Wicked Sea if you sign up for their mailing list. Who knows, maybe if enough folks east of the Mississippi sign up, they'll drive their van across the Mighty Miss, the old Miss, the Old Man... Deep River!

Heidi Klum's Bangs is a new group of young practitioners of the "Elephant 6" sound: acoustic guitars, horns, chimes, all in service of a bit of a concept album: Palace Pier. Check it out at their Bandcamp site... they've got a "name your price" special going right now:

And here's a pretty amazing video (and very intense song) by UK group Breton. It's a single called "The Commission" which is to be included on Other People's Problems, the album they plan to release in February 2012.

You can also listen on Soundcloud:

Breton - the Commission by bretonlabs

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