Monday, August 15, 2011

New Discovery: The Tamborines

When I think of instruments used by pop bands, tambourines are not among those that spring immediately to mind. Guitars, drums, keys, the odd horn and, of course, plenty of cowbell. But tambourines, not so much. Nevertheless, that instrument seems to pop up as a band name somewhat more often than, say, "piano" or "bass guitar". There is the iconic noise pop band Black Tambourine (1989-1991), and the very good Black Tambourines from the UK, which we profiled HERE. And now we have the quite excellent fuzz/twee indie band from London -- The Tamborines. Founded by Lulu Grave (drums/ organ/percussion) and Henrique Laurindo (vocals/guitar); bass guitar is attributed to Chokis. The band's first album, Camera & Tremor, was released in 2010, and they are working on their second.

In April of this year, they released a single with "Black & Blue" as the A-side and "Indian Hill" as the B-side. Here is the demo for their single, "Black & Blue"

"Indian Hill"

Indian Hill by The Tamborines

The following three songs were included on Camera & Tremor:

"Sally O'Gannon"

"31st Floor"

"Come Together"


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We've *just* released the vinyl of Black & Blue / Indian Hill! It was supposed to come out in April but didn't- but is now available on a very nice limited edition 7" blue vinyl (300 Only) With all new cover art as well - for more info on where to buy it please go to where we've put up a list of shops stocking it...