Sunday, August 14, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-27: Midday Veil; Carnival Moon; Sweatshop Union

This weekend we have a Seattle band followed by two Canadian bands. And so far, it is a nice fall day in Seattle.

Midday Veil is a Seattle band whose music is a psychedelic synth/drone/new age brand of experimentation. The band was formed in 2008, and now consists of David Golightly (synths), Emily Pothast (vocals + rhythm guitar), Timm Mason (lead baritone guitar), Jayson Kochan (bass guitar and clarinet), and Chris Pollina (drums and the occasional banjo).

"Asymptote II"



I guess we're slipping a bit. Carnival Moon released Our Little Hourglass EP on August 12, and we're just getting around to alerting all of you. Things just get very sloppy in the summer. Anyway, it is a very nice bit of electronic folk from Toronto, and you can stream it below. The primary players are Elaine Kelly-Canning & David Scanlon, with help from Stefan Banjevic, Will Whitwham and Scott Bouwmeester.


Sweatshop Union are a hip hop group from Vancouver, British Columbia. The members of the Union are listed as Léon Nordlund, Pigeon Hole, DirtyCircus Undertakings, Ronnie Mejia, Kyprios BayDay, Mo Moshiri, Lee Marrmalade Napthine, and Metty Dert Merchant. Yes, I know that hip hop isn't something I usually bring to the table, but when something is good, it is good.

"The Thing About It"
Sweatshop Union - The Thing About It by Anver

"Oh My" (2009)

"Humans Race" (2007)


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