Sunday, June 19, 2011

JEFF The Brotherhood: We Are the Champions, out this week

Sounds pretty good, so far... psychedelic garage rock by a couple of real characters from right here in Nashville. I've featured them on here before, and am happy to help spread the word. Here's the video for lead track "Hey Friend":

First Listen available at NPR:

Jeff the Brotherhood - We Are the Champions

You can buy the LP and download at their label site:

Infinity Cat Records

Finally, if you subscribe to RSS feeds from their blog, you might get some interesting videos and you might get pictures of cheese sandwiches and snack foods from all over the world. Where else are you gonna get that kind of variety in your entertainment?

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RandalGraves said...

Caught these guys live show at SXSW this year. Totally blown away by these guys. Immediately bought this album on vinyl while there.

I've been rocking it for a few months now. I fancy it very much.