Friday, June 10, 2011

Emerging Seattle Bands: My Goodness

Groups don't need to be large to produce a large sound, as proved by Seattle duo My Goodness. Guitarist and drummer Joel Schneider and Ethan Jacobsen produce a dense, bluesy rock and roll--with a touch of surf--sound that puts them on a par with Ohio's Black Keys and Vancouver's Japandroids. This is the sound you want, and expect, to hear in a dimly lit bar where you've gone to have a few drinks and want to get lost in the music. They are signed to Sarathan Records, and released a self-titled LP this spring.

"I've Got A Notion"

According to Grant Brissey, of The Stranger magazine, when he saw My Goodness live they played 10 songs, declined requests for an encore, and asked for shots of Tequila. Yep, we're in rock and roll territory.

Check out the Audio page on the official website for a player with three songs as well as a free download.

Live performance from this spring:

Live performance from last fall:


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