Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moon Duo: Mazes

Just last week, I was wondering when we'd get something new from Wooden Shjips, a psychedelic band from SF I discovered last fall. Yeah, I know, you already knew about them...

Going over a few recent KEXP podcasts, I discovered a Kevin Cole podcast (Vol 249, "Hey Ho Let's Go") that contained this song:

Lo and behold, that's Ripley Johnson, the lead guitarist from Wooden Shjips! Moon Duo has been making music for a few years, and this is their latest, released March 29 on Sacred Bones Records.

Moon Duo- Mazes by sacredbones

Here's a live in-studio performance on KEXP from last year.

Had seen their name, probably on double bills with some other bands I like, but this is the first I've heard of their music, and I like it a lot. If you like Neu, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground, or maybe the place where those three would theoretically overlap, you ought to check out Moon Duo. Really good music, made with care and some incredible guitar work.

Moon Duo Myspace

Moon Duo Website

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Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

Good find, with an assist from Kevin Cole. Whenever I can, between 2 and 6 pm, I listen to Kevin's show on KEXP. One of the best variety music DJs in the business, with decades of knowledge and connections.