Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Emerging Seattle Artist: Allen Stone

Allen Stone has described himself as a songwriter who wants to be a soul singer. You can evaluate his chops here, but I think the man can sing soul. Overall, I'd call his style "indie-soul" or acoustic soul. However, I expect that with a full band the sound could be closer to the soul/R&B end of the spectrum. He isn't shackled to a label at this point.

Here is "Unaware", live from his mother's living room.

Stone is from Chewelah, Washington, in the northeast portion of the state (I live in Seattle and I had to search on the internet to locate Chewelah). Apparently, he splits his time among Seattle, LA and New York these days. I understand that he has been touring on the west coast, and he is playing the Crocodile here in Seattle on July 8th. In and interview I read recently, he said that he has an album recorded using Raphael Saadiq’s band. To me, that sounds quite promising.

Here you can stream his EP, Take One Session, Vol 1, which is available for free download.

There also is a link on the Bandcamp page to an earlier EP, called "Vol 2".


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