Saturday, June 4, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-17: Jacques Green; Woven Bones; Circle Pit

Welcome to the 17th edition of our quick exposure to pop around the globe. This week we have an act from Canada, and we've done some lazy scouting via a label in my back yard, although it has given us bands in Australia and Brooklyn.

"Another Girl" from Jacques Green is a stunning track from this Canadian R&B/House artist. I know little about Greene other than he is from Montreal and records on the LuckyMe and Night Slugs labels.

There are a number of quality songs at the Soundcloud link below.

Recent tune "Rinse"

Rinse, march 24th by Jacques Greene


Now we have a home delivery of psychedelic garage/noise pop from Woven Bones. Woven Bones are from Austin, Texas but relocated to Brooklyn. They have released a couple of songs for Hardly Art Records, and will be releasing a full length for that label later this year. They previously release records on the Sweet Rot Records label, among others. I love the sound this band makes.

"I Gotta Get"

"Creepy Bone" is a previous release for Sweet Rot Records:

Artist Page at Hardly Art Records

Circle Pit is a duo formed a few years ago in Sydney, Australia by Angela Bermuda and Jack Mannix. For live shows the group expands to include Harriet Hudson, All Haddock and Jeff Lewis. In the United States, Circle Pit is signed to Hardly Art Records, a subsidiary of Seattle's Sub Pop.

Following is the video for their single, "Speed Limits":

Here are two songs, "Slave" and "Honey", which show the band's slowcore, goth face.

Circle Pit - Slave / Honey by hardlyartrecords

The band has a poppier face, as well, demonstrated by "Another Trick":

Artist page at Hardly Art Records

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