Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Am Harlequin: "Marianne"

I Am Harlequin is very talented London-based do-it-all artist, Anne Freier.

"Marianne" is the advance track from a forthcoming single, available via download here:

and at Soundcloud:

I am Harlequin Debut by I am Harlequin

I'd advise giving a listen to all the tracks there, as she varies her approach pretty widely. She's got a very, very strong vocal presence.

Here's a video of a solo piano/vocal version of "The Liberty":

From her website: Her influences range from classical music, particularly the Russians of the 20th century (Prokofiev, Rimski-Korsakow, Rachmaninoff), to the advanced choir arrangements in Stephen Sondheim musicals, as well as Kate Bush, Rickie Lee Jones, Grace Slick and Joni Mitchell, whom she grew up listening to.

When Anne is not at work on I am Harlequin, she can be found working on a chaos of scores and scripts. But she admits that the bulk of her time is spent on writing new material for I am Harlequin.

“I am long not out of ideas. There’s a lot more to come.”

I'm not going to give you any comparisons. She's pretty unique, and definitely worth checking out.

I Am Harlequin Website

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