Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Discovery: Fear of Men

I recently discovered the lo-fi shoegaze delight that is Brighton and London's Fear of Men. Actually, discovery is a term that flatters me too much, as all I did is search the internet after Ben Ward at SWAYS Records recommended that I check out the band that was playing with The Louche FC. Note to self, Ben may have good taste in music.

Fear of Men are Jessica, Daniel, Lin and Antony. I do not believe that they have recorded any full albums or LPs, but they have provided the following four singles via Bandcamp. According to my research, the members are split between homes in Brighton and London. I think the band was fairly recently formed, and at least some of the members are film fans. The melodies are upbeat, the vocals engaging, and the instruments fuzz and jangle in all the right places. However, to say much more would just be making things up, so I recommend that you dive into the following tracks for a perfect Saturday soundtrack.

"Spirit House"

"Phantom Limb"

"Green See"

"Church Words"


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