Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boston Spaceships: Let It Beard, out August 2

Robert Pollard's music descriptions and song titles are more entertaining than most people's actual music... and then there's the anticipation of hearing Pollard's power trio (Chris Slusarenko and John Moen plus Pollard) fronted by guest guitarists Colin Newman (Bob playing with the guitarist from Wire!), J Mascis, Steve Wynn, Mick Collins, Dave Rick and Mitch Mitchell.

Here's the announcement: "A 75-minute thrill ride through the many forms Pollard has mastered in his three decades of writing and recording, Let It Beard is the White Album meets Quadrophenia meets Jesus Christ Superstar meets Same Place The Fly Got Smashed.

Robert Pollard has called the epic double-LP 'a subconscious concept album about the sorry state of rock and roll.'

1. Blind 20-20
2. Juggernaut Vs. Monolith
3. Tourist U.F.O.
4. Minefield Searcher
5. Make A Record For Lo-life
6. Let More Light In The House
7. You Just Can't Tell
8. Chevy Marigold
9. Earmarked For Collision
10. Toppings Take The Cake
11. Tabby And Lucy
12. (I'll Make It) Strong For You
13. A Hair In Every Square Inch Of The House
14. The Ballad Of Bad Whiskey
15. I Took On The London Guys
16. Red Bodies
17. A Dozen Blue Overcoats
18. Pincushion
19. Christmas Girl
20. Let It Beard
21. The Vicelords
22. German Field Of Shadows
23. Speed Bumps
24. No Steamboats
25. You In My Prayer
26. Inspiration Points
A. Shove Thy Neighbor
B. Human Amusements At Hourly Rates
C. Man Of A 1000 Worlds
D. Inspiration Point"

Link to Factory of Raw Essentials for pre-order.

Bring it on...

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