Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sweet Whirl - Love Songs & Poetry

Sweet Whirl is the musical platform for Melbourne musician Esther Edquist.  After a couple of releases on the Bedroom Suck with her former band Superstar (which we featured in 2015: link), Esther has marked her signing with Chapter Music by releasing a six-song EP titled Love Songs & Poetry.  The songs are introspective and incisive, written with intelligence and played with confidence.  The arrangements are pleasingly melodic and leave ample space for Esther's vocals and bass to star.  Love Songs & Poetry is a perfect play for the evening of a summer day.  And it is just what we are playing every night this week.

In addition to Esther, Sweet Whirl includes James Vinciguerra and Liam Barton.  Love Songs & Poetry is out now in digital and cassette formats via Melbourne's Chapter Music.

Chapter Music page for Sweet Whirl

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