Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sunny Sunday Smile: A Sunday Records Compilation

If you are inclined to trust our recommendations, very few words are needed for this post. If you aren't so inclined, ignoring us on this one is your loss if you are an indie fan.  Chicago's Sunday Records is one of the finer indie pop labels in our universe, releasing vital music by treasured artists, many of whom would be in our hall of heroes if we had one.  Today, the label is releasing Sunny Sunday Smile: A Sunday Records Compilation featuring 28 songs from two compilations they released in the early to mid '90s. The artists include The Proctors, Bulldozer Crash, Kosmonaut, The Pristines, Dolores Haze, Mosaic Eyes and many others.  The music ranges from the solidly twee to guitar pop with fuzz and muscle, but it is all characterized by good songwriting and the emotional touch that makes indie pop such and addictive genre.  That the compilation is available for 12 dollars in digital and two-CD formats is shocking enough to have prompted us to wonder whether it was a misprint.

Get busy people, this is a deal.

Sunday Records

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