Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Frog - Count Bateman

Mid-week listening rarely sounds this good. Please give a warm welcome to Count Bateman, the latest album by Queens musician Frog. Previously a duo, for this album the band is singer songwriter Danny Bateman.  And here he offers ten tracks with his observations of his current circumstances and memories of the past.  The songwriting is sharp without being flashy, and the album has the ambiance of a intimate storytelling session with a newly-discovered favorite author. Stylistically, the songs embrace pop, folk, Americana and soft rock, but it melts together like your favorite grilled cheese sandwich.  For that matter, think of this record as aural comfort food -- if you need a warm cuddly feeling today, this is your recommended source.  I don't know whether I am hugging this album, or it is hugging me, but someone is being hugged and it sure feels good.

Count Bateman is out now via Audio Antihero and Bateman's own imprint, Tape Wormies.

Bandcamp for Count Bateman
Audio Antihero

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