Friday, August 16, 2019

Introducing Tibetan Miracle Seeds

No, this is not an infomercial aimed at home gardeners. This is about a newly discovered band called Tibetan Miracle Seeds.  They are from Scotland, and the members are Kieran Smith (drums), Lefty (tanpura/flute), and Jack McAfee (vocals/guitar/bass/didge), we don't know anything about them.  You can grab "Ideas" from Bandcamp, but it also is rewarding to wander on their Soundcloud page, which is where we found "Alone".  We also include a stream of "Mirage" from early 2018.  We certainly can't say these guys are rushing too fast in delivering an album, can we?


1 comment:

Jack McAfee said...

Album will be out this year keep yer eyes peeled