Thursday, August 29, 2019

"1985" by Cafolla

Our nearly-the-end-of-the-work-week-and-holiday-weekend-ahead-but-two-projects-to-complete shot of energy needs to come from somewhere, and we've already exceeded our daily recommended dose of caffeine (and here in Seattle, the recommended dose isn't for the faint of heart).  So we turned to the new song from Scottish artist Cafolla. The man has spent the last decade heading the Federation of the Disco Pimp through a few albums and earned awards in the process.  He now is making his mark solo -- well, solo with some guest vocalists.  The first song shared from the upcoming album, and our end of the work-week fuel, is "1985" with guest vocalist Brian Collazo.  Time to move those feet, ladies and gents, we have some Prince-like music below.

"1985" is the first single from Cafolla's debut solo album, Cowboys & Africans, which is due in November via Dusty Reel Records.

Soundcloud link for "1985"
Spotify link for "1985"
Various links for "1985"

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