Monday, August 26, 2019

Hearts and Rockets - Power

We could just apologize for ignoring the blog for several days while enjoying the sunny weather of our last full month of summer, but the more rock and roll approach would be to dish some attitude at our readers.  This presents us with a dilemma, because we really are quite nice people.  However, rock and roll wants what rock and roll wants, so we have arrived at the solution of having Hearts and Rockets bring the attitude for us.  Accordingly, we welcome ourselves back with Power by Hearts and Rockets.  The band is a Melbourne-based duo consisting of Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt, and their music is a punkish indie rock with noise and attitude.  The band apparently calls it 'brat-wave', and that description works fine for us.  And what really works as well is just what the title promises - the power.    Of course, if it were just power and attitude, it wouldn't be enough.  But Power has hooks and a consistently infectious groove underpinning every song.  Hearts and Rockets wades into your brain with an uncompromising swagger, and lives there for 14 tracks that will leave you breathless.  Check it out.

Power is out now via Psychic Hysteria Recordings.

Bandcamp for Power

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