Monday, June 3, 2019

Tennis Club - Pink

Monday mornings can be a bit delicate around WYMA headquarters. so the choice of the office soundtrack typically involves convoluted negotiations (bribery is not unknown).  However, today we quickly settles on Pink.  Of course, pink is a color, but we are referring to an nine-song gem by Joplin, Missouri trio Tennis Club.  This is fresh-faced, straight ahead garage rock with a substantial vein of surf rock.  A totally great listen that demands repeats, we encourage you to give it a chance.  If it was a stray dog and it followed you home, you would ask your parents to let you keep it.  But you are an adult with money -- you don't need to ask anyone, and it is only five dollars.

Tennis Club are Wilson Hernandez (guitar), Sean O'Dell (drums), and Tehya Deardorff (bass).  Pink is out now via Elefant Records'

Bandcamp for Pink
Elefant Records

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