Thursday, June 20, 2019

"A Downpour" by Errant Boy (free song)

One of our favorite albums last year was Memory Fractures by Edinburgh's Errant Boy (link to our feature).  Happily, we have a new reason to remind to of that release because the band now offers a free download of "Downpour", one of the LP's fine songs and an accompanying video of the band performing it.  Yes, they stimulate two of your senses -- sight and hearing -- free.  Actually, if you are sufficiently clever and coordinated, you can stimulate "touch" as well by hitting the download arrow on the Soundcloud link.

"Downpour" is one of frontman Sean Ormsby's ace autobiographical vignettes, decorated with a bouncing rhythm and superb Rickenbacker 330 guitar.  Expect to like it. Expect to download it. Expect to consider getting the album.  Life is about seizing the possibilities.

Errant Boy's music is released via associated label Errant Media.  The players are Sean Ormsby (bass/vocals), Chris Harvie (guitar), and Sarrah McLaren (drums).

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