Thursday, June 27, 2019

Peter Cat - Plays Well With Others

We are not fans of false advertising, so we issue a few demerits to Glasgow project Peter Cat for having neither a cat nor a frontman named Peter.  However, we believe in forgiveness (and we have a feline-like curiosity), so we listened to the band's recent album, Plays Well With Others, and we are very glad that we did so.  The songs are an infectious mix of indie pop rock, cabaret, glam, and art school.  The vibe is upbeat and fun, and the listener may have the feeling that they are experiencing a musical stage show as Peter Cat slips from one song style to another like different costumes for each scene.  And by the way, the band provides the lyrics, which are well written, humorous and enhance the listening experience.

Peter Cat are Graham Neil Gillespie and some like-minded collaborators.  Plays Well With Others is out now in digital and cassette formats.

Bandcamp for album

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