Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Smiles - Gone For Good 7"

Did you know that the venerable Slumberland Records has a singles program?  We think it is something you should know, and we apologize for not mentioning it sooner.  However, to take some pressure off of ourselves, all indie fans should sign up for missives from this label, because their entire catalog is quality.

Today we will highlight two of the singles that will be released later this month.  Our first candidate is Gone For Good, a two-song seven inch by Smiles.  The title track reminds us of a slow-tempo masterpiece by Teenage Fanclub.  The B-side is "This Boy", which has a dreamy and lush singer-songwriter vibe.  We would tell you something about the band if we had any information, but we couldn't find any active social media accounts and the label concisely informs us that they are from the San Francisco Bay area.

Gone For Good will be released in vinyl and digital formats.  Get it and your summer soundtrack will be greatly enriched.

Bandcamp page for single
Slumberland Records page for single
Slumberland Records page for singles subscription series

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