Monday, June 17, 2019

Rat Fancy - Stay Cool

On Stay Cool Southern California's Rat Fancy cooks up a heady stew of punk, fuzz and power pop.  Diana Barraza's vocals cool, tease and snarl in the fashion of the best female frontwomen of '90s rock.  The arrangements are beefy and uptempo -- unapologetic rock you can feel reverberating in your torso -- while your brain thrills to the pop hooks.  The themes are wide-ranging, and the lyrics more sensitive than you might expect given the style.  Give this album a chance.  All it took was on listen to convince us that it had a place in our collection.

In addition to Diana Barraza (guitar/vocals), Rat Fancy includes Gregory Johnson (guitar/various), Matt Sturgis (drums), and Dan Fernandez (bass).  Stay Cool is out now in digital, vinyl and cassette formats via HHBTM and Solidarity Club Records.

Bandcamp for Stay Cool
HHBTM website

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