Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Working - More Weight EP

Nineties-style noise pop (think Velocity Girl and Black Tambourine) has a permanent place in my heart, and my music collection.  So I'm always on the lookout for bands that can satisfy my appetite.  Happily, this week brings Working, a quartet from Rhode Island who has graced us with a three-track EP titled More Weight.  The EP is released in digital-only format by Shelflife Record, an outfit that repeatedly impresses us with its ear for quality indie pop.

On the More Weight EP Working demonstrates a great feel for the critical elements of the noise pop -- good melodies, sweet vocals and a wall of feedback.  Couple that with some affecting songs and you have a band to treasure.  We understand that an LP is planned for next year, but for the present this little nugget will do very nicely indeed.

The members of the band are Catherine Kolodij (vocals/gutar), John Kolodiz (drums), Mary-Kim Arnold (bass), and Matthew Derby (guitar/vocals).

Shelflife Records page for EP

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