Thursday, July 10, 2014

REVIEW: Gingerlys - Jumprope EP

Most of us have a sweet tooth, but most of us also want to look good on the beach.  And we all know that too much candy can make that impressive set of abs turn into one, big, soft "ab", and that isn't anyone's idea of an impressive beach physique.  Since you turn to When You Motor Away for answers, our suggestion is give up real sugar for ear candy.  And may we suggest something new?  Something that has the hooks, fuzzy guitars, keyboard accents and female vocals that we associate with the finest ear candy, but from a fresh young group?  Excellent!  We suggest you try the Jumprope EP from New York's Gingerlys.  With four songs spanning bright dream pop ("Jumprope"), noise pop with jagged edges ("Summer Cramps"), propulsive C86 stylings ("Better Hearts"), and hazy summer beach pop ("Set You Off").  You can stream all of the songs below.  If I were going to choose just one, I'd choose "Better Hearts", but I really wouldn't like to choose just one.

For a band so new, the performances are satisfyingly tight, and Maria's vocals are a seductive force of nature.  The songwriting is excellent and the package from Shelflife Records is typically attractive and tasteful.  So, I assume you are interested.  Here is the tricky bit -- this record has a limited run of 300 vinyl copies (with digital download), it went on sale two days ago, and as of last night only 60 were left.  So your lo-cal ear candy problem is solved only if you can manage to hit some links.  We have confidence that this diet will work for you -- you can do it.

Gingerlys are Matt Richards (guitar), Maria Garnica (vocals, keys), Colin O'Neill (guitar), Kevin Doxsey (bass), and Brian Alvarez (drums).

Shelflife page for Jumprope EP

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