Wednesday, July 9, 2014

REVIEW: Let's Whisper - Close As We Are

In late May we covered the latest album from Vermont's Colin Clary (link).  In that post we also noted that the fine indie pop label WeePOP! was shutting its doors, but not before releasing three final records.  Colin's Twee Blues Vol. 1 was one of those three, and the final release is out today.  And what a great closer it is!  Paperclip Chains by Let's Whisper is a achingly beautiful set of introspective guitar pop in the tradition of The Lucksmiths.  If you listen carefully and think you hear a bit of Colin Clary's twee pop, you aren't mistaken, as Clary is a member of Let's Whisper, along with fellow New Englanders Dana Kaplan and Brad Searles.

Clary and Kaplan, who also are members of The Smittens, started Let's Whisper a decade ago to showcase their softer songs.  Searles was added later to keep time.  They previously have released two EPs and a full length album.  Apparently some of the material on Close As We Are was being prepared for a split 10", but the project grew to fill its own record.  Since their isn't a weak song among the eight tracks, the decision to turn it into and album is a plus for us pop fans.  With delicate but memorable melodies and sweet harmonies, these songs are tailor made for falling in love.  But even if you already have tied the knot with your soulmate, you can sit in the grass and enjoy these songs together.  The album opener, "Paperclip Chains", is a great place to start.

And speaking of enjoyment, this record is a limited run of 300 vinyl copies, so you are hereby warned of limited availability if you procrastinate.

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