Thursday, July 17, 2014

Skygreen Leopards - Family Crimes

Imagine if years ago members of New Zealand's The Bats secretly joined forces with The Byrds in a sunny California hideaway, and spent several days writing and recording.  Inspired by their surroundings, the collective produced 14 sunny guitar pop tracks in all of their ragged 'one-take' glory, and then boxed up the results and hid them away to be released in 2014.  Of course, that didn't really happen (at least, I don't know that it happened).  But Family Crimes from Skygreen Leopards could make you think that it happened.  Sun kissed, hazy and lo-fi, it gives me that pleasant blissed-out feeling that I get when I go to a picnic on a sunny summer day and drink a bit too much wine a bit too fast.  Suddenly I'm happy and affectionate, albeit not particularly focused.  So grab a bottle of chilled pinot gris, a copy of Family Crimes, a blanket or two and some friends.  There you have it -- a summer afternoon all sorted out.

This jangling nugget of good summer vibes is out now via Woodsist


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