Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beach Pigs - Grom Warfare

Dahnu Graham, Daniel Kerr, Billy Robertson and Suren Unka are pigs!  Specifically, they are the Beach Pigs, from Auckland, New Zealand.  In early June they released Grom Warfare, which they say portrays two years in the life of the members of the band.  I don't know that they've been up to anything all that different from any group of young men.  But unlike most guys with whom I passed the time in my 20s, the Beach Pigs make really good guitar pop.  The guitars shimmer and jangle with a hint of garage grit, and the vocals deliver power pop harmonies.  The melodies are good, with a lot of variety, but equally impressive are the rich textures in some of the tracks, such as "Big Peach".

The Beach Pigs don't have a label, and have self-released Grom Warfare on Bandcamp.  Sure, it will cost you some money, but it is just New Zealand dollars anyway.  And think of the value of being the first guy in your group to have the original Beach Pigs album.  Priceless, yes, priceless.  I've included a few tracks and a video below, and you can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link.


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