Monday, July 7, 2014

REVIEW: Beverly - Careers

Beverly is getting press for the quality of the music on Careers, as well as the partnership of Drew Citron with Frankie Rose to comprise the group.  Regarding the latter, it isn't surprising that Rose's decision to team up with the Avan Lava member is a talking point.  Rose has carved out well-deserved indie pop fame since she left Vivian Girls to launch her solo career, and we count ourselves among her fans.  But the story here, I think, must include the quality of Citron's songwriting to convey a specific atmosphere as well as the collaboration with Rose.  Rose contributed vocals, energy, arrangements and perhaps her skills on the drum kit, but if I understand correctly, the songs are Citron's and the live performances in support of the album will be Drew Citron and additional live members, and Frankie will return to her day job as, well, Frankie Rose.

However that all sorts out, Careers is a breath of fresh air.  Specifically, a delightful summer breeze.  There is fuzz, wonderful vocal interplay between Citron and Rose, and an obvious love and respect for the classic guitar pop song.  The astute listener may detect a few different influences, but to my ears the album is what might have happened if The Clean had been women with a love of beach pop and a collection of Pixies and Breeders records.  The overall vibe is seasonally-adjusted for summer relaxation.  Upbeat hazy melodies are punctuated with sugary vocals and heart-tugging hooks, and there is little urgency (although "Planet Birthday" and a couple of other tracks ably demonstrate the band's ability to rock out).  And there is plenty of variety, including noise pop, C86, and post-punk rockers.  But whatever your preferred style, this is an album to sit back and enjoy as the sounds, especially the vocals, massage your ears.

Careers is out now via Kanine Records.

Kanine Records

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