Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tim Cohen - You Are Still Here

 An album by Tim Cohen, whether with his projects the Fresh & Onlys and Magic Trick, or -- as is the case today -- one of his solo albums, is a treat for the ears. His music represents that fine Bay Area tradition of garage and psychedelic arrangements with literate lyrics. On You are Still Here, Cohen's sixth solo album, the songwriting is focused and taut, and the melodies sparkle. A timeless set of music, it is a good listen now, would have been a good listen a decade ago, and it will be a good listen in 2031.

While we have embedded three fine songs below, we think you should venture to Bandcamp or your other favorite streaming source. And if you do, and you have limited time, make sure to cue up the album closer, "Dadaist Friend". It will be six minutes well-spent.

You Are Still Here is out now via Bobo Integral Records

Bandcamp for album

Twitter for The Fresh and Onlys

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