Sunday, March 7, 2021

Corvair - Corvair

Sometimes guys just have to rock, and we almost slept on this appropriate soundtrack for doing so. Corvair is a trio based in Portland, Oregon, formed by Pacific Northwest rock veteran Brian Naubert and Heather Larimer (ex Eux Autres and others). The music on their self-titled debut album is high-energy, melodic, and muscular. Listening to it reminds us of finding one of those rare good radio stations because the songs have elements of '70s - '90s rock. The album is a good set of songs, and at its best it prompts head nodding, fist pumping and perhaps a bit of moving the feet. All in all, a good dose of energy for our Sunday.

Corvair are Brian Naubert (guitars/bass/keys/percussion), Heather Larimer (vocals/keys/percussion), and Eric Eagle (drums). Corvair is out now via Paper Walls in the US and WIAIWYA in the UK.




Corvair's Bandcamp link

wiaiwya's Bandcamp link

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