Sunday, March 7, 2021

"Like Butterflies" and "A Tall Tale" by Union of Knives

This week Scottish electronic act Union of Knives shared two new songs, "Like Butterflies" and "A Tall Tale", featuring Ladytron's Helen Marnie. Both songs also have been released with accompanying videos, with the video for "Like Butterflies" featuring an interpretative dance by Alexandra Tsiapi. The two songs can bookend your evening with different approaches to fill the dance floor. Both songs are taken from their new album Endless From The Start -- their first in 14 years -- which is out on either May 31 or June 4 (we have differing information) via Disco Piñata. Few bands can combine dance, soul, electronic and industrial like this trio, and we are thrilled with the promise of their return.

Union of Knives are Chris Gordon, Ant Thomaz (Dope Sick Fly), and Peter Kelly (of The Kills and Ladytron).

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