Saturday, March 20, 2021

"Second Time" by Red Sleeping Beauty, featuring Mary Wyer of Even As We Speak

Of course, Sweden's Red Sleeping Beauty needs no embellishment to be a 'must listen' -- they always hit perfection on the synth pop scale. But we must admit that adding Mary Wyer of Aussie pop legends Even As We Speak is a stroke of genius. Born of the failure of a plan to have Mary join the band on stage at the Cologne Popfest, which was derailed by the pandemic, the alternative was to have Mary provide vocals for "Second Time, Red Sleeping Beauty's new single. We must say that for those of us who, for various reasons, did not intend to attend the aforementioned Popfest, this is a clear win. As for "Second Time", the song is an absolute triumph. The synths and beats recall the days in the '80s when we twirled on the dance floor, while Mary's vocals bridge to more delicate indie pop tunes. We really need to go to bed, but this track is so good that we are splashing in a bit more of the 'water of life' in the glass and pressing replay a few more times.

The song is a digital single via Matinee Recordings. It also will be included in the upcoming album by Red Sleeping Beauty.



Matinee Recordings page for single

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