Monday, April 20, 2020

The Puddle - Live At The Glengarry Tavern Invercargill 1985

I think if we are honest with ourselves one of the painful non-health-related burdens of this time of staying at home is the inability to attend live music shows. True, music is very accessible in our abodes (and cars, walks, and back yards). But nothing compares with the visceral experience of a live band, particularly in an intimate venue. Well, we here at WYMA cannot solve that for you, or for ourselves. But we have discovered a way to get us all part way there.

A live album doesn't have the full experience of a life show, but it can offer the spontaneity and flights of inspiration that most producers won't allow in the studio. So here is a recording of a live show by Dunedin, New Zealand band The Puddle from one of their shows supporting The Chills in Invercargill in 1985. This recording exactly presents the experience we are trying to capture: The rumble and thump of the bass and drums, the jangle, clang and spike of the guitars, flights of inspiration by the players, a band whose music is by no means overexposed or generally available, and a recording from a venue unlikely to be experienced by most readers (i.e. far down the south island of New Zealand). Oh, I should mention that it is available for 'name your price'.

The Puddle was formed in 1983 and we believe that they have recorded in each ensuing decade. The lineup has varied, but the constant is George D. Henderson. Their recordings have been released on several imprints, including Flying Nun and Warner. Their current label is Fishrider Records, from which you can source a number of the band's albums.

For this recording, The Puddle was George D. Henderson (guitar/vocals), Lesley Paris (drums), Norma O'Malley (flute), Peter Gutteridge (keys), Ross Jackson (bass), and Lindsay Maitland (french horn/cornet).

Bandcamp for album
Fishrider Records

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