Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Bell Streets - Monument

While trawling through the interwebs this week we encountered a recommendation for Monument by Australian band The Bell Streets. We must admit that our musical knowledge at the time didn't extend to that band. However, quick research led us to discover that we are quite familiar with their members. The duo are Josh Meadows and Nick Batterham. Josh's resume (with his brother) includes the incomparable Sugargliders, whose compilation of releases from the early '90s graced our pages in 2012 (here), as well as the 2013 EP they released as The Steinbecks (here) and that project's 2014 album Kick to Kick (here). As for Nick, whose credits include Blindside, The Earthmen, and Cordazine, we covered his solo album Lucky Cat in 2014 (here). With that background, we expected excellent music, and we were not disappointed. The album is packed with high quality jangle pop and indie tunes residing at the sophisticated end of the spectrum. Consider this album one of your better finds this month. And with most of us working from home, some new tunes to fill your earphones are just what the doctor ordered.

In playing the music for the album Nick and Josh enlisted the assistance of Kelly Day, Craig Mitchell, Joel Sprake, Phil McLeod, Jenny M. Thomas, and Adam Simmons. Monument is out now via Popboomerang.

Bandcamp for Monument

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