Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Hannah Barberas - Into The Wild

The DIY label sticks to The Hannah Barberas with the ferocity that we pretend characterized all our old girlfriends devotion to us when we are bragging to each other instead of writing about music (keep that between us - our partners don't need to know). And I guess it is accurate, but don't assume that DIY means that this London band is anything other than a talented, purposeful guitar band. Following the footsteps of many beloved '80s guitar bands and wielding sharp lyrical pens, the band rides enthusiastic musicianship and excellent harmonies straight into our hearts. Whether railing about politics, or examining romantic entanglements, the songs are well paced and the sound robust. We've provided a few of our favorites below, but deliberately let off gems such as the angry anti-royalty "What Are You Celebrating?" and the '60s British Invasion style "No Mystery". Why? Because we want to entice you to go to Bandcamp, fall in love with the album, and buy it. We really are that transparent.

The Hannah Barberas are Damien (guitar/vocals), Lucy (vocals), Ian (bass/vocals), and Matthew (drums/vocals). Into The Wild is out today in digital, CD, cassette and vinyl formats via Subjangle, Sinout Nuggets, and Gazer Tapes.

Bandcamp for Into The Wild

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