Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Peel Dream Magazine - Agitiprop Alterna

Good dreampop provides a soundtrack for visualizing someone else's well conceived version of a dream. It seems to us that Joe Stevens of Peel Dream Magazine takes a deeper dive and puts the listener in the dream. Our first taste of his approach was his album of a couple years ago, Modern Meta Physic. The new Agitprop Alterna further refines the in-dream approach. Just as our dreams give us scenes from our lives, or from our imagination, manipulated or skewed and  then only partially remembered, Peel Dream Magazine gives us songs reflecting music from the '90s, altered, spliced, and blurred as if the listener is hearing a playback of the remembered portions of last night's dream. Pleasant memories will be evoked, but not always distinctly. Best not to overthink it, just go with the flow. And make no mistake, the beating heart of this album is a dreamy flow embellished by sweetly-sung male/female vocals. For prospective fans desirous of a reference point, consider Stereolab with a good dose of Velvet Underground influence. A very  intriguing and pleasant listen that we keep going back to.

For this album Peel Dream Magazine are Joe Stevens, Jo-Anne Hyun, Brian Alvarez, and Kelly Winrich. Agitprop Alterna is out now via Slumberland Records.

Bandcamp for Agitprop Alterna
Slumberland Records page for Agitprop Alterna

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