Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tunng - Songs You Make At Night

Fifteen years after forming English band Tunng still has the capacity to delight.  In fact, long time fans will rejoice in knowing that for the band's new album, Songs You Make At Night, the original line up, including founders Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders, was assembled for a recording for the first time since 2007.  While often labeled a folktronic band, the group's broad palette encompasses dream pop and synth pop, and with samples and inventive rhythms, they sometimes appear heirs to The Beta Band's groovy niche.  The songs are richly detailed, but not ornate, and adventurous without becoming overly precious.  This is a masterfully conceived and executed album and we thoroughly enjoy it.  At this point our favorite tracks are "ABOP", "Sleepwalking", "Dark Heart", and "Flatland".

Songs You Make At Night is out now via London label Full Time Hobby.

Bandcamp for album
Full Time Hobby

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