Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dot Dash - Proto Retro

Hold on a second, we are receiving a transmission from Washington, D.C.  "Dot dash, dot dash, dot dash."  What excitement -- a transmission from Washington that is not in the form of a tweet, or even a news report about a tweet!  Instead, we have Proto Retro, the new album from Dot Dash just in time to save your summer.  And even if your summer didn't need saving, Proto Retro will improve it.

For this outing, the band's sixth album, the trio has shifted a bit from the pop punk approach of prior albums to full-on power pop and jangle, but full-on power pop and jangle with a decided punch.  And in doing so, we think they have crafted their best-written and and most consistent album to date.  Moreover, the quality of the supremely confident performance suggests that the band agrees with our assessment.  We have chosen our favorite representative tracks, and then changed them, several times since we put this album on endless loop replays at headquarters.  We try to limit such streams to three per album, but we can't here.  In fact, we'd like to share more, but we will hold the line at four.  And that should give you a reason to visit the Bandcamp site and stream the entire album.

Dot Dash are Terry Banks (guitar/vocals), Hunter Bennett (bass), and Danny Ingram (drums).  Proto Retro is available in CD and digital formats now via Ottawa's The Beautiful Music.

Bandcamp for Proto Retro
The Beautiful Music (label) page for Proto Retro


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