Friday, August 24, 2018

Sea Pinks - Watermelon Sugar/Rockpool Blue (two-song single and LP announcement)

This post exists to alert you to both an excellent couple of songs, and an album coming in a few weeks.  The songs are "Watermelon Sugar (Alcohol)" and "Rockpool Blue", by our favorite Belfast guitar pop band, Sea Pinks, and will be included on the September 28 release of the band's new full length record, also titled Rockpool Blue.  If you pre-order the album at the Bandcamp link, you will receive an immediate download of these tracks, which just may keep you happy until the album drops.

Why do we love Sea Pinks?  Well, they combine jangle pop with the forward push of post punk, and accent it with shades of melancholy and hope.  But the bottom line is great songs that have immediate effect and deliver timeless satisfaction.

CF Records
Bandcamp to pre-order album

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