Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sickest Smashes

This sort of discovery helps make trawling the web for indie music worthwhile.  For those of us in North America, the underground of the south island of New Zealand is off the beaten page by more than a few days' hike.  But here we are, grooving to Sickest Smashes, a compilation of indie rock and guitar pop from local label Melted Ice Cream.  It collects songs from a cross section of currently active Christchurch bands, including a number of artists who haven't previously appeared on a record.  Whether grooving to hooks in lo-fi guitar pop or bouncing to booming hits and chunky riffs, this album will satisfy your musical curiosity.  The CD version contains a wealth of information regarding the bands and the Christchurch music scene, but the digital version is available as well.

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