Thursday, August 16, 2018

Admlithi - Tyrants

Tryants had an interesting beginning.  The Scottish artist who now records and performs as Admlithi had given up music.  But a chance discovery of an '80 keyboard in a trash bin inspired him to create a party album in honor of Prince.  However, the twin occurrences of the right-ward shift of politics and a diagnosis of adult autism led him down a different path.  Working in his bedroom (except for some field recordings), Admlithi created a cinematic darkwave tapestry -- grand in scale, emotional in content.  Put on your earphones and dive into the swirling shadows, it is a surprisingly rewarding journey.  And no, it isn't a party album.  But we think Prince, a man who thrived on inspiration and invention, would heartily approve.

Tyrants is out now in digital and CD formats via Armellodie Records.

Bandcamp for Tyrants

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