Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"The Martyr" by SRSQ

We start today with "The Martyr", an emotional, grand-scale song that serves as your introduction to SRSQ, the solo project of  Kennedy Ashlyn of Them Are Us Too.  Ashlyn's colleague in that band, Cash Askew, perished in the  2016 Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, California.  The solo project's name is pronounced "seer-skew".

The production for "The Martyr" is full and lush, but the star is Kennedy's vocal performance, which may remind listeners of Kate Bush guesting with Cocteau Twins.  The song is taken from SRSQ's solo album, Unreality, which will be released on October 26 via Dais Records.  It is a rewarding listen and portends well for future material from this project. 

Dais Records

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