Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"Starlight City" by New Silver Girl

We are conflicted.  We don't want summer to leave us (although the forest fire haze could blow away anytime soon, thank you very much), but we want a little bit of October to be here right now.  Which part of October?  Well, you probably are thinking of Octoberfest, but that isn't the right answer.  While we are quite fond of the brew, we are thinking of the debut album from Finland's New Silver Girl, which is coming via Soliti Music in a couple of months.  And to justify our conflict, we offer the video version of the "Starlight City", the second track from the album shared by the band.  The song is a eminently danceable jolt of glam-inflected rock and roll, and we think it fully justifies our anticipation of the album.

New Silver Girl are Olli Happonen, Samuli Sulku, Ilmo Cantell, and Niilo Suihko.

Soliti Music

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