Monday, August 27, 2018

Basement Revolver - Heavy Eyes

Gathering some well-deserved buzz from their initial single and the following EP, Canada's Basement Revolver shows us that they have the chops on their debut LP Heavy Eyes.  Starting with the beefy noise of '90s alt rock and then accenting it with shoegaze and dream pop, the trio has a sound that is familiar, but also manages to be distinctive.  Thematically, this is hear-on-the-sleeve stuff, direct and cathartic, but nevertheless accessible and graceful. The arrangements are dynamic and varied, providing a pleasing aural experience from start to finish.  And make no mistake, frontwoman Chrisy Hurn is a vocalist capable of matching just about anyone in the indie pop space.

Basement Revolver are Chrisy Hurn (guitar/vocals), Nimal Agalawatte (bass/synths), and Brandon Munro (drums).  Heavy Eyes is out now via Fear of Missing Out Records.

Fear of Missing Out Records

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