Monday, October 6, 2014

The Debutantes - The Debutantes EP

If Bek and Graeme at Soft Power Records ever go prospecting for gold, I suggest that you follow them and set up a nearby camp, because they have a knack for discovering nuggets.  With a budget a fraction of that enjoyed by even mid-size labels, these sharp-eared folks have attained an admirable and enviable string of discoveries.  No, Soft Power won't be putting out the third LP of a band that has already become well known.  But you can count on them to find a band that has a great sound, good writing, and only a small and regional following.  Bek and Graeme will release a few songs on cassette, vinyl and/or digital, giving the band some needed exposure, astute collectors a piece of aural gold, and me a chance to gush a bit.  Past releases have included recordings from September Girls, Blood of the Bull, Rosy Crucifixion, The Wharves, Obedient Wives Club, and Aggie Doom.

And unsurprisingly, little label from Livingston, Scotland has done it again.  The next release is the self-titled debut EP from Galway, Ireland's The Debutantes.  The band members are Leon Butler (guitar and vocals), Sarah Grimes of September Girls and Cruising on drums, and Paula Cullen of September Girls on bass and vocals.  In five tracks the trio delivers a thrilling mix of garage, shoegaze, dream pop, reverb and fuzz, with male/female vocals and an occasional bit of scuzz rock.  Opening track "Burn The Merchandise" kicks off with swaggering, chiming garage rock.   Shoegaze is on offer for following track "Gentleman's Wash".  The third song is the dreamy "Kids", which has a hazy vocals over a shimmering arrangement and some Spectorish production.  "X&Y" is a reverb heavy garage rocker with pounding percussion and male/female vocals.  The EP closes with  the scuzzy adrenaline rush of  "Adam's Apple".

Gentlemans Wash from Leon Butler on Vimeo.

The Debutantes EP is out on October 11, but pre-orders are available now.

Bandcamp for EP
Soft Power's Soundcloud page

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