Monday, October 20, 2014

Andras & Oscar - Cafe Romantica

Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung enjoy solo careers, but also collaborate in making warm, romantic house and electonica.  Their 2013 EP Embassy Cafe for Dutch label Dopeness Galore introduced their music to the world, and has led to their full length, Cafe Romantica.  The tracks vary between seductive and reflective, with a sophisticated sheen to the grooves and bubbling melodies, highlighting that what really makes this collaboration special, in addition to talent, is the shared lightness of touch and subtlety of expression.  The duo eschews the rafter-shaking chorus and dirty drop and grind of much house music for something more suggestive of the little joys of moving one's feet with one's friends and falling in love.  The result is an album that is more than dance music; it is a sexy pop album that you can take with you and enjoy doing just about anything.  And I suggest that you can justifiably commend yourself on your good taste while doing it.

Cafe Romantica is out in Australia and New Zealand via Melbourne's Chapter Music, and is released in the rest of the world by Dopeness Galore.

Facebook for Andras Fox
Facebook for Oscar Key Sung
Bandcamp for album
Chapter Music
Dopeness Galore

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