Sunday, October 12, 2014

"You'll Always Be Lonely" from Tangerine, new EP coming soon

Tangerine is one of the top young indie pop bands around Seattle. and one that has the performing and songwriting ability worthy of broader renown.  With the demise of Tacoma label Fin, which released at least one of the band's 2013 EPs (review here), the foursome is self-releasing their new record, Behemoth EP, on October 28.  Here is your fist aural taste of the new material.  It is a very good song, and I assure you that such quality is typical for Tangerine.  Their songs have a west coast guitar pop sound, with a rock solid guitar, bass, drums, keyboard foundation and standout female vocals.  There is enough grit to make you pay attention, and enough polish to make you want them to stay around.

Mariko, Miro, Toby and Ryan should be the sunshine on your playlist.


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